Pixel 8 has one of the best displays

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Although Google’s Pixel phones are excellent, their displays don’t receive much praise. That might change this year though, as the new Pixel 8 recently underwent the DXOMARK test and scored well. The Pixel 8 features one of the greatest displays on the market, according to the test results.

The screens of phones play a big role in why people choose to use them, especially when it comes to Galaxy models. We’re not just referring to the gorgeous hues. Other elements that affect the whole experience include viewing angles, brightness, readability, and so on. DXOMARK conducts its display tests for this reason. To provide an in-depth analysis of all the crucial features of the phone’s display for a quality overview.

Pixel 8 have one of the best display

Even while the displays of Pixel phones aren’t very noteworthy, they are generally quite decent. Google went over and beyond for the display this year by introducing its Actua Display technology. Super Actua Display may be found in the Pixel 8 Pro. These panels promise incredible brightness and clarity.

In the test itself, DXOMARK assigns the display a rating based on six criteria: readability, color, video, motion, touch, and artefacts. It received 161 out of a possible 162 points for readability, 163 for color, 156 for video, 138 for motion, 160 for touch, and 122 for artefacts. It received 161 out of a possible 162 points for readability.

The Artefacts score is the lowest of those scores, which are otherwise very high. Even that isn’t all that horrible. 122 of 161 is almost 75%. This indicates that Google did a fantastic job at calibrating this display to produce an excellent overall experience.

In fact, this phone was ranked first by DXOMARK. This is significant because DXOMARK also obtained scores for the most recent iPhones and Galaxy phones. Regarding display technology, you can’t go wrong with any of those choices, but you already know that the Pixel 8 will provide the greatest results.

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