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Google Play celebrates its tenth anniversary with a new logo

Google Play is already ten years old, and Google celebrates it with a makeover for the app store

Google’s digital content platform for Android and Chrome OS, has delivered one of each. Since then, there are more than 2,500 million people around the world using the service to download applications, games, movies, and all kinds of digital content spread over 190 different countries.

The company wanted to celebrate the 10th anniversary of service reviewing some of its biggest milestones, and highlighting some of the features that have been coming to the store over the past few years. But, above all, he has taken the opportunity to make official the new google play logo. This is what the new Google Play icon looks like for its tenth anniversary.

A new logo for the new decade of Google Play

Through its official blog, Google has announced the new google play logo which revolves around a completely renewed logo, with more vivid colors and more rounded shapes, which adapt to the aesthetic lines of the rest of Google’s products and services. The new icon is much more similar to what we were used to seeing in other services such as Gmail, Search, Assistant, Photos, and more.

The new logo of Google Play, with more vivid colors and a new icon. According to the company, the new icon will be reaching the whole world with the passing of days until its deployment is complete. Google making official one of the biggest changes in the history of the Play Store But that’s not all: in addition to the new icon, Google has announced a bonus that multiplies by ten the points obtained through the Google Play Points program for each purchase made through the Google Play Store.

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