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Google PlayStore App Redesign Could Make Navigation Harder

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Google is working on a redesigned interface to Google PlayStore on Android. The main change would affect the “My games and applications” section, where you can find the updates available.

The new Play Store user interface might confuse some users, more importantly, if the users are not good at navigating and browsing apps on android devices. It seems that Google intends to make it more difficult to use the application since access to some menus will now take longer and inner folds. The “My games and applications” section that you find by clicking on your profile at the top right of the Play Store could be replaced by a section called “Manage applications and devices“.

The redesign of the Play Store app is nothing new. Some users had already received it in 2020 when Google introduced P2P sharing, and it seems to be back again today. It had not been much appreciated, since it took more steps to access updates and applications downloaded on your Android smartphone.

Redesigned Play Store Would Make Navigation Harder

Currently, in the “My games and applications” section, you can find various tabs: “Update,” Installed applications “,” Library “,” Share “or even” Beta “. Accessing updates is really simple since they are displayed on the home page. The new version of the interface will make them more complicated to find, much to the chagrin of users looking for simplicity.

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According to the report, the new section “Manage applications and devices” will now be divided into two tabs “Overview and“ Manage ”. The first will just show if any updates are available. If so, she will offer to do them all at once. However, to access the details, you will need to click on a new dedicated button to perform only the updates you want. The application will then add an additional step to access all the updates. For now, we do not know when Google plans to deploy this update, but we hope that the American giant will backtrack.