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Google PlayStore Desktop Version Getting A Redesign

New Playstore design

The Google Play Store has not been called contemporary for a while, at least in the version as seen via the desktop browser. But Google knows that too and will soon give the store a new look on the web.

It cannot be said clearly enough: The Google Play Store looks completely out of date because the design of the “big” website looks like it comes from the times of Android Lollipop – and that was version 5.0 from 2014, mind you hardly or nothing was done on the web interface. Of course, this is not a priority for Google, because almost all users are likely to use the mobile store. And yet: A relaunch of the web version was and is urgently needed.

Interface Will Be Replaced Completely

And that’s likely to happen soon: As Android Police discovered, Google is currently preparing a store with a new interface, which will significantly modernize the look. The whole thing reminds me – not surprisingly – of the mobile version. This leads to the fact that one could actually mistake the screenshots of the design for the app. Android Police assures us that this is definitely the web experience.

The user interface was essentially completely replaced. The only thing left of the early design is the logo on the top left. Navigation and optics, however, have been completely redesigned. This also includes the large sidebar on the left, which has been replaced by a navigation system with four large buttons (games, apps, films, and books).

If you click on one of the categories, further buttons with a sub-navigation appear underneath; this allows, for example, the selection of the appropriate platform (phone, tablet, TV, etc.) for apps, and for films, users get an overview of the genres and the like.

Many functions have been moved to the account area, similar to what we know from the mobile app. So if you want to see your library, current subscriptions, payment methods, and much more, you have to click on your profile picture in the top right corner. Incidentally, the source of the screenshots is the Korean Play Store, and according to the Android Police, work on it is still ongoing.

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