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Google Released Android 11 Beta By Mistake: Here Are The New Features

Android 11

Google was supposed to reveal the beta of Android 11 and launch its deployment on Wednesday, June 3, but given the current social climate in the United States, the giant has decided to postpone the unveiling event. This is not the only one, Sony also chose to postpone the date of its PlayStation 5 conference.

However, Google still seems to have launched the deployment of the famous beta in a limited way. Only a handful of Google Pixel smartphones appear to have received the update, and without further announcements from the giant, the trail of human error seems most likely. Among those who received the update is Mishaal Rahman who writes for XDA-Developers. He published a series of tweets to share new discoveries.

The Power Menu

This should be one of the big news in Android 11. The system now offers a new menu, accessible by pressing the power button on the smartphone.

This new menu obviously includes the options to turn off or restart the smartphone, but also the cards saved for contactless payment and widgets to control home automation.

A New Media Player

After a quick tour of options for developers, Android 11 beta now allows you to activate a new multimedia control.

This is actually a new widget that takes place in the quick settings of the notification panel and that allows you to control the player of his music or podcasts.

Suggestions For The Google Dock

Google has found a new place to suggest applications to the user: directly in the dock of its smartphone. If the dock is not filled, Android 11 can offer new installable applications with one click.

Fortunately, this option should be disabled, and is currently limited to the Google Pixel Launcher of Google smartphones.

The Other Novelties

Pending an official publication by Google to reveal all the new features of the beta of Android 11, here are the latest news unearthed by Mishaal Rahman.

Google reworked the accessibility settings of Android with the addition of images to better explain the effects of the settings. A new option for developers improves random changes to MAC addresses. Finally, Android 11 introduces three new shapes for the application icons that we let you discover below.