Google released Photo Magic Editor for Pixel 8 series but there’re some limitations

Google released the Magic Editor function for the Pixel 8 phone series at the time of the phones’ debut. This function uses artificial intelligence (AI) to edit and modify photos. Nevertheless, to maintain order, there are limitations on how this feature can be used.

These limitations are meant to stop things like users fabricating documents and identities. Although it may seem strange, the new Google Pixel 8 series allows users to act in these ways without any limitations. Indeed, Google’s AI editing tool is so accurate and powerful that its use must be restricted.

Certain users have highlighted that there appears to be a deficiency in the implementation of these limitations. In any case, it’s encouraging to see that Google included certain limitations on the use of this AI editing tool. The massive IT company based in Mountain View will eventually act to fortify and enhance these limitations.

Here are some limitations that are placed on Google Photo Magic Editor tool

Google released the new Pixel 8 series a few months ago, and it had numerous improvements. The new AI picture editor, which is unique to the Pixel 8 series, was one of the launch’s main topics of emphasis. This function, called Google Photo Magic Editor, alters user photos using artificial intelligence.

Google first introduced the Magic Eraser feature a few years ago at the launch of the Pixel 6 series. This function eliminates unwelcome distractions from an image, directing all attention towards the focal point. Google has been enhancing this function ever since it was released a few years ago, and the result is the Magic Editor.

The Google Photos Magic Editor has features like zoom enhancement, noise reduction, photo rethinking, and best capture. When using the Google Photos app to edit photos, users will find all these tools to be useful. They all require limitations on their use because AI technology is essential to their operation.

The use of these AI photo editing tools is subject to a few limitations. The Google Photo Magic Editor cannot create images that might contain personally identifiable information, alter faces, alter portions of persons, or modify ID card shots. When users attempt to carry out these tasks, they will be prompted to try something else.

These limitations are in place to stop users from misusing the Google Photos Magic Editor. Google will continue to enforce these and other limitations in the upcoming months. However, you can enjoy using these features to enhance the appearance of your images if you own any device from the Google Pixel 8 series.

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