In December, Google will remove inactive Gmail accounts

Gmail data hungry functions

The tech giant Google is all set to take action against inactive Gmail accounts. Reportedly, the Gmail accounts that have been inactive for the past two years will be removed next month. The company will start the process by inactivating the accounts that have never been used since their creation.

Tech corporations are treating dormant accounts with harshness. The company X, which was formerly known as Twitter, recently declared that it would sell abandoned usernames for a fixed price of $50,000. While X is doing this to boost cash flow, Google is thinking about doing something similar with Gmail accounts that are dormant—not for financial gain but rather for security concerns.

Back in May, Google announced that Gmail accounts that have been inactive for the past two years will be removed in the first phase. In the first phase, data stored in Gmail accounts will be removed, whereas in the second stage, the whole account will be removed from Google’s servers. It will begin next month so if you have any abandoned accounts, make sure to use them before the deadline.

In addition to this, the company declares that personal accounts will be deleted. It doesn’t apply to school and business accounts, and the accounts with YouTube videos. The company claims that the abandoned accounts will be removed for security reasons since such accounts can be misused and eventually used for malicious activities. The company has shared notification regarding the account removal on the account or the recovery email.

On the other hand, it is quite simple to activate an old Gmail account. Simply log in to your account before December. Make sure to use the Google services associated with the account. It will indicate that the account is active and thus it won’t be removed. Other favorable indications to Google include reading emails, utilizing Google Drive, connecting accounts to YouTube, and logging in to third-party services using Google sign-in.

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