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Google Reportedly Working On A New Operating System Pigweed

Google has already proven itself to be good at operating systems, the example of Android is not hiding from anyone. Google has been quite successful with Android even popular platforms like iOS existed before it.

Google is now reportedly working on a new Google operating system called “Pigweed” it sounds weird though, but the company has registered a new name patent and trademark at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The trademark filing was discovered by a Reddit user which was then reported by others.

According to the filling the software is termed as “Computer Operating Software” no other technical details are mentioned in the filling and the term Computer is too broad in the technology industry it can be generally classified.

Since we have no technical details about what Pigweed is, most people are just trying to make guesses around. It could be a successor of Android, or a parallel software similar to Android for mobile phones or it could be an entirely new computer operating system to take on Windows. What is Pigweed? We do not know yet, and you might see some rumors coming around in the few days and it is also possible that we get some leaks about the new operating system as it gets hype on social media.