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Google reveals upcoming Android features ahead of Android 14


We are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Android 14, but things are taking an interesting turn with Google releasing a number of new and unique features for its apps.

First and foremost, there is the At A Glance widget introduced to the Google app. It utilizes AI to sort out the beneficial information. It can be helpful with travel updates, event reminders on the home screen, and highly accurate weather alerts. In addition to this, the tech giant is also improving its accessibility app, i.e., the Lookout app. For those who are blind or have impaired vision, Google is making it simpler to view photographs in your group chat, camera, or even social media. It will use AI to add details and descriptions to images.

Android Auto will receive new communication apps

As per the company’s announcement, new communication apps will make their way to Android Auto. Earlier this year, the company announced the arrival of these apps. Notably, Google will add Webex by Cisco and Zoom. These will help users conduct important meeting calls while on the road. Given the fact that these calls will be monitored and controlled by Android Auto, users will be able to mute or end the call conveniently. It can be done via the steering wheel controls. One thing to notice here is that we are talking about the audio calls only.

In addition to this, it will also receive the Google Wallet Pass photo import. It will help users utilize passes like gym cards or library cards with barcodes or QR codes. Furthermore, users can now find activity and sleep data within their personal Routines thanks to the collaborative efforts of Google and Fitbit. This will enable you to request a summary of your sleeping statistics from Google in the morning. To your Good Morning Routine, simply add the number of hours you slept and the time you went to bed.

It is anticipated that all relevant apps will be updated in the coming weeks. They will receive the updates soon. Notably, they don’t require any new Android updates.

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