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Google Rolls out an Instagram and Facebook like News-Feed for Google Maps


Google has rolled a similar news-feed like Instagram and Facebook for Google Maps in order to help out people in finding delicacies, local tourist attractions, and important events in a fun way. The news-feed will let people know what is happening in their area through the information added by locals.

Information will include suggestions of local spots, photos of different dishes from their favorite restaurants, and reviews from the local guides of Google. On following the local businesses on Google maps, people will be able to receive notifications for the updates they post like delivery options and new takeaways.

According to the details, the users can find the new feature in the Explore tab in Google Maps. Moreover, the posts on the news feed can also be customized now on the basis of the interests of the user. For instance, if a person is vegetarian and likes Italian food, so he/she can mark these 2, and the application will only give them options based on their interests.

On the other hand, the community feature in the feed will allow users to plan trips in a more efficient way. Through this feature, users can move around the map to find the required information about anywhere in the world.

Earlier, there was an option for businesses and restaurants to post an update on the platform. Although it was only available on selecting the business profile. But, from now onwards the updates will be seen in one place which can be exactly curated to the user.

The newest feature has been rolled out for iOS and Android users.

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Stella Phillip

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