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Google Rolls Out New Desktop Search Results Globally

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Google has been working on the search results and its appearance for long, the search engine giant has been testing the search results a few months ago. However, Google has started rolling out the new search results on desktop globally.

Earlier, when we searched on Google it used to show the link of the website attached to the title of the website and right underneath it you would see the URL of the website and below the URL you get excerpts from the description of the page.

However, Google has turned the upside-down now, in the new search results layout Google has taken the website URL on the top with small favicon next to it which represents the logo/favicon of the particular website where the results are coming from, after the site URL, Google also shows the breadcrumbs to show the site navigation and content categories.

Underneath the URL Google has placed the main title and the link of the website, and finally, the description comes at the bottom. Google has also changed the Ads in search. In the previous tests as mentioned by 9to5 Google highlighted Ads with black bold Ad text instead of favicon for the websites running ads for that particular query.

However, Google has not implemented the “Black Ad Text” for this rollout or it might take some time to appear, it is also possible that Google has kept the old style of Ad labels with Ad written inside the green box. Now we have a new search results layout on desktop, it is not clear yet whether or not it will affect search rankings of the websites, you can read Google forums for any updates on this issue.