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Samsung Introduces Wireless AI Table Top Keyboard Named SelfieType


Samsung has recently announced 5 innovative projects from Its C-Lab Inside program to showcase in CES 2020 the world’s largest innovative technology event in Las Vegas.

Along with other innovative projects, Samsung has come up with a new AI keyboard “SelfieType” the keyboard is quite cool which turns tabletop into a keyboard using sensors on the device. The users would be able to put their device titled on the table and type on the table which would hit the keys on the device automatically and write the content on the device.

The technology behind this innovative project is that it uses the Artificial Intelligence AI, and camera sensors to track the finger movements and assign them, the closer the fingers are from the device the smaller the keyboard is and the farther the fingers are the larger the keyboard (which you cannot see obviously but have an idea for the finger movements.

The technology could be very handy for the users who wish to do some reports, emails, articles on the go and hate using the mobile keyboard when it comes to that. It could also be very handy for students at the university.

Despite being late jump into this technology Samsung takes the lead over all other tech giants in this, there are some laser operated keyboards available on the market but not much accurate be an effective tool, SelfieType only users the front camera and AI to take your finger gestures and translate them onto the screen which out having an actual keyboard, that’s really cool, right?

Samsung has also posted a video on YouTube which explains the technology you can watch the video below;

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