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Google Rolls Out Search Chips In Gmail For Faster Search Results

Gmail search chips

Google currently appears to be revising the search functions of various services. Recently was Play Store with new filtering options fitted in. At the same time, the company worked on so-called search chips, which are now displayed for all Gmail users.

The search chips are a useful extension of the search function. While the normal search searches all mails in the current folder for the given text by default and filter attributes have to be written out completely, the search chips can be used to carry out further restrictions without great effort.

Search results can be filtered faster

The search chips are displayed as soon as the user has started a search. Various buttons with which the results can be filtered are displayed under the search term. It is possible to specify a period in which the searched mail was sent or received. You can also specify whether the mail contains an attachment or has not yet been read. The filters are in themselves no novelty. For some time now, Gmail has had advanced search settings in which the relevant parameters can be selected. In addition, attributes such as “has: attachment” can be considered in the search field. However, the search chips make the search much easier.

The update has already been rolled out for G Suite users in recent months. The feature will soon be available to all Gmail users. The rollout takes place in waves so that the search chips for some users will only appear in the next few days. The feature should already be visible to many users however, some users might get it later in their Gmail apps.