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Google Services that will discontinue in 2020

In this article, we will tell our readers about a few Google services that will discontinue in 2020.

Google Hangouts: The expected shutdown date of Google Hangouts is June 2020. It was back in 2017 that Google announced that it will phase out the legacy app.

Google Cloud Print: It is expected that Google Cloud Print will shut down by December 31st, 2020. Users have been encouraged by Google to shift to alternate apps before the date mentioned.  It was back in 2010 that Google launched Cloud Print. The aim was to make printing documents easier from any Cloud Print-enabled app that includes Google Docs.

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Google Hire: It is expected that Google Hire will shut down by September 2020. Google Hire is a recruiting G Suite tool that is built for smaller and medium-sized companies. It will be discontinued by 1st September 2020. For almost two years Google Hire has been operational. Google has provided no reason for shutting down Google Hire. It was in conjunction with ‘Google for Jobs’ that Google Hire was launched. Google has already shut down the launch of new features to Google Hire.

Fabric: It is expected that Fabric will launch by March 31st, 2020. Initially, it was expected that the app will close in 2019. Now, the reports are that the mobile app development tool Fabric will be closed in March 2020.

It was back in 2017 when Google acquired Fabric from Twitter. Since then the app development tools of Fabric were merged into Firebase, which is another database cloud tool Google acquired in 2014.

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