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Google Showcasing Some New Features of Chrome 90 Beta

Google Chrome is sending out some features coming with the Chrome 90 Beta version.

Google Chrome is sending out some major features coming with the Chrome 90 Beta version. At the top, the improved services for AR support are highly notable, followed by the copy-and-paste functionality.

In addition to this, Google is also making video conferencing less demanding in connection and hardware. That’s via support for the AV1 encoder and optimizations using WebRTC, improving connectivity and compression. While the support for AV1 works on connections with rates as low as 30kbps. It would be highly efficient for web apps such as Zoom, Google Meet, and others.

Google will also work to expand Device Attributes Web API that creates a more secure Enterprise environment via device information requests. And on adjustments to a picture class container to ensure smoother loading of images.

The major uplift with the new version is how Google will improve copy-and-paste functionality. The browser will make accessing files from the file system easier. For instance, Files on Chrome OS, Windows Explorer on Windows, or File Manager on mac. It simply wants to make them copy-able and paste-able.

With this feature, users would be able to copy and paste files from their file manager instead of having to drag-and-drop them for uploads.

Moreover, Google is working to make AR features look better in its browser. It’s said that the API, which’s currently under testing, would work similarly to ARCore’s Environmental HDR. This new API would allow lighting and shadow effects from the real-world impact AR elements generated and overlaid atop the real world.

The tech giant is also working to give web developers and apps access to gravity-related data. With GravitySensor API, developers would be able to make motion-based apps and games work better.

To use these features, users could download the Chrome Beta app on desktop and mobile. But they must not expect the same results they’re getting from the current stable Chrome channel.

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