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Google Stadia Controllers Update Is Now Available

Google Stadia Controller

Just in time for the shutdown of its game streaming service, Google is providing the promised firmware update for Stadia controllers. Activating the Bluetooth module saves the gamepad from e-waste and gives it a second life as a third-party controller.

Announced just a few days ago, Google is letting its actions speak before Stadia finally closes its doors later today (January 18). The company behind the search engine provides all the means to permanently set its Wi-Fi-enabled Stadia Controller to Bluetooth mode at stadia.com/controller. This means that wireless operation on PCs, smartphones, consoles and the like will continue to be possible.

Stadia Controller: Activate Bluetooth mode quickly

Only three things are required for the firmware update: A loaded Stadia controller, a suitable USB cable for connecting to the PC, and Google Chrome in version 108 or higher or equivalent Chromium-based browsers. You then follow the instructions on the screen, which automatically initiate the download and installation of the new software.

Google is letting Stadia users know that switching to Bluetooth mode is irreversible. The WLAN module is apparently permanently deactivated during this process. If you want to enjoy the last day with Stadia (18.01.) wirelessly, you should not start the update until tomorrow.

Important Information To Note

Finally, Google answers various questions. These show that, for example, headphones cannot be used via the 3.5 mm connection in Bluetooth mode. This is only possible with a USB connection. It is also confirmed that the now superfluous assistant and recording buttons can be freely assigned in games.

The firmware update will only be offered until December 31, 2023.