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Google is developing a new feature that could measure the distance between devices via Bluetooth


Technologies have their own limitations and boundaries. Any tech has the capacity to outperform in one area while it lacks in another. Similar is the case with the Bluetooth service. Initially, we saw the service across smartphones. But slowly and gradually it occupied the space in wireless equipment like wireless mouse and earbuds etc.

The tech company Google is reportedly working on a few features for the Bluetooth service. As per Mishaal Rahman from Esper, the company is going to add a feature known as Bluetooth Distance Measurement API. The new feature will be capable of telling the users the distance between the Bluetooth accessory and the connected device. The new API was spotted in the AOSP. Since the company Google has included the API code for Bluetooth Distance Measurement to the AOSP.

Well, we can’t say that the new feature predicts the actual distance. However, it will give an estimated distance or location at least. For instance, it could indicate whether your device is in the vicinity or away by a distance of meters. Particularly, the new API will be based on Bluetooth RSSI. RSSI is Received Signal Strength Indicator. Using the RSSI, the API would calculate the distance between the smartphone and the connected devices.

One thing to notice here is that this new feature is not similar in its functionality to the AirTags by Apple. Where the AirTags by Apple provide users with the right directions for missing Bluetooth devices. The new feature by Google will only guide the users whether they are moving close or away from the missing device. Well, we don’t know exactly when this feature will arrive. However, we can see some early indications with the release of Android 14 or have to wait for its full release.

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