Google sues scammer for enlisting business with fake reviews

In the era of digital marketing, the worse thing that can happen is about misleading reviews. In terms of reviews, we rely on other people experience about a specific place or product. But when these reviews aren’t honest, they can mislead customers to some of the worst experiences. Despite the situation, Google has selected an entity in terms of fake reviews and sued them as an example for other scammers.

Most of the time we depend on Google for its reviews when we are about to experience any new place on map, or any reviews related to YouTube videos. Although, there’s no specific criteria for differentiating these fake reviews from real ones. Suing them is the only option to disrupt their ways of misleading customers.

Today, Google disclosed that it has filed a consumer protection action against a dishonest person who had built 350 false business profiles and supported the fabrication with a staggering 14,000 false customer reviews to deceive the unwary. To top it all off, the accused was allegedly selling the personal information of clients of these shady companies.

Google emphasized the need of taking this case to court by stating that, just in 2022, it stopped a remarkable 20 million attempts to construct shady company profiles. Additionally, it shielded 185,000 companies from harassment on its platforms, maybe by discouraging fighting in the reviews and comment sections. This is not an isolated incident, and similar initiatives have been going on since 2018.

Additionally, Google claims that it is collaborating with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to hold such con artists accountable for victimizing customers. Although this action could only stop the operations of one party, it could set a long-term precedent for what happens to those who try to deceive customers by exploiting web resources.

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