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Google Testing New Mobile Like Search Results on Desktop With Favicons

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Google has been testing the new search results in Google Chrome Desktop version for some time now, previously SEJ has reported the same development by Google, however, RS-NEWS has also spotted the change yesterday for some time.

The search results are almost like the Mobile search with some differences, currently, the Chrome desktop displays search results with Title at the top of the result, then the URL of the site along with breadcrumbs if it has any and then comes the description of the page.

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New Search Results

The major and noticeable change in the new search results is Favicons of the websites, the results will show the website Favicon on the left corner similar to the mobile phone search results. Next to the Favicon, the website’s name comes without displaying the URL, now instead of the Title at the top, the Favicon with website name is at the top.

The title comes underneath the Favicon and website name, as it comes in the mobile devices, then you can read the description of the page. However, there is still a doubt of URL displaying; the mobile search results still show the URL of the page along with breadcrumbs but SEJ pointed out the Reddit user’s thoughts which criticized the URL disappearance from the search results claiming that it would facilitate phishing, impersonation and other security concerns. Still, it is not confirmed that Google is going to get rid of URLs in the search results or not,