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Google to introduce more data backup options for Wear OS smartwatches

Worried about data backup and data security when it comes to your Wear OS?

Then, just don’t worry. Because this piece of information will get you some satisfaction.

Google is expected to bring some advanced backup mechanisms for Wear OS.

Samsung has occupied various of the Android ecosystem features by switching from Tizen to Wear OS. Furthermore, additional data management features to Wear OS can be expected in the future. Some new reports suggest that Google is expected to bring more advanced backup mechanisms for Wear OS in the near future.

Over the past few months, the backup feature of Wear OS is under review and constant work. In accordance with an APK teardown by 9to5Google, a clearer outlook of the features is offered by the 22.42.12 version of Google Play services. Shortly, the version will be capable of providing backup for apps, device settings, tiles, and their placement, Apps and their data as well, and even watch faces. The stings on the device will include app permissions and Wi-Fi network passwords.

According to the details in the report, the backup feature of the Wear OS smartwatch will be opt-in. thus, indicating that it will be performed when the device is connected to the internet, automatically. Google One storage of the users will be used for the said purpose. Users can gain access to the backup facility either from the Settings n the smartwatch or via their smartphone app.

Additionally, the Google Wallet app will also receive some upgrades. These include the offerings for flight alerts, events, and transit on Wear OS smartwatches. The Google Wallet app is available for Android users. it will inform the users when their passes are running out of credit, and when they will expire. Additionally, it will also display transit activity, saved offers as well as flight information.

Though Samsung offers a backup mechanism for Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5 series, the expected move regarding backup by Google will provide users with more choices.