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Google To Launch Switch To Android App To Move Data From iOS To Android

Google is currently working on a new app that will make it easier for iPhone owners to switch to Android devices. “Switch to Android” ensures that apps and user data can be transferred to the new smartphone. Apple has offered such an app for years.

Data is transferred using local WiFi hotspot

As 9to5google writes, “Switch to Android” is supposed to bring the most important data from the iPhone to the new Android smartphone. This is indicated by hints that can be found in version 1.0.382048734 of Google’s “Data Restore Tool”. “Switch to Android” uses a WiFi hotspot to establish a connection between the devices.

Of course, there is already the option of saving the iPhone data on Google Drive and restoring it on the Android device. However, no apps can be transferred this way, so “Switch to Android” should be much more practical for many users. In addition to apps, the tool also migrates contacts, SMS, and messages.

App Is Under Development

The new Google app is not yet available. When “Switch to Android ” will be released remains unclear. It is conceivable that the program will see the light of day together with Android 12 and thus in the coming months.

Google following ‘Move to iOS’

Apple made a similar application available five years ago. With “Move to iOS “, users can transfer their data and apps from the Play Store to the iPhone, provided that the respective applications are also offered in the Apple App Store. It is therefore not surprising that Google is now following suit and would also like to publish such a tool.

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