Google To Phase Out Manifest V2 Chrome Extensions by Next Year

Google is moving ahead with its plan to phase out Manifest V2 extensions in Chrome, aiming to fully implement this change by June 2024. This decision follows the increasing adoption of Manifest V3 among developers, prompting Google to proceed with the transition.

Key Points of the Update:

Timeline and Versions Affected:

  • The disabling of Manifest V2 extensions will start in early June 2024.
  • This change will initially affect Chrome Dev, Canary, and Beta version 127.
  • Users will be unable to install Manifest V2 extensions from the Chrome Web Store once the change is in effect.
  • Manifest V2 extensions will also lose their featured badge in the Chrome Web Store.

Gradual Rollout and Developer Support:

  • Google plans a gradual rollout to ensure clarity and understanding of the changes.
  • A migration guide and open support channels are provided to assist developers in transitioning to Manifest V3.
  • Feedback from developers is being considered during this process.
  • Google intends to extend these changes to the standard version of Chrome approximately a month after the initial rollout in non-stable versions, although specific timing details are yet to be confirmed.

Reasons for the Shift to Manifest V3:

  • Manifest V3 offers better security, performance, and privacy compared to its predecessor.
  • This transition aligns with Google’s commitment to enhancing the overall quality and security of Chrome extensions.

Resources and Documentation for Developers and Enterprises:

Updates in Content Filtering Support:

  • As part of the Manifest V3 rollout, Google is updating content filtering support to include more static rulesets and dynamic rules.

Ongoing Developments and Community Involvement:

This move by Google marks a significant shift in the Chrome extension ecosystem, emphasizing improved security and performance. It reflects the company’s ongoing efforts to evolve and enhance the functionality and safety of its browser extensions

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