Google Now Allow Users To Add Notes To The Search Results

Google search

Google Search is the daily gateway to the Internet for most of us. However, there is no social interaction there. But the company wants to involve users here because they can now leave so-called notes as an experiment.

Comment function for search results

It’s an everyday process that most of us do several times a day, meaning web searches. Of course, Google tries to be relevant and reliable, but it doesn’t always succeed and you end up with results that you would like to correct. And that could be possible in the future, at least for harmless topics. The search engine giant is currently experimenting with a function that will allow you to comment on search results.

As The Verge reports, this feature is called Notes. This is an experiment that is optionally available as part of Google’s own Search Labs. This means that most users will not have access to it for the time being, as the function, which was launched in the spring of this year, is currently only available in the USA, among other places.

Specifically, such comments can be left within Discover and the Google app. If you leave a note, you can choose a multi-colored and different font, and images can also be attached. According to Google, unless a note is flagged and flagged for a human check, Notes appear within minutes in most cases.

Avoid controversy

The question naturally arises as to whether and how this comment function can be misused. According to Google VP Cathy Edwards, Google is developing algorithmic protection and human review, and Notes can also be flagged as questionable by humans.

In addition, it will not be possible to comment on controversial topics in this way. Notes are also indexed by Google and the search engine company is currently considering whether and how it can give publishers additional “insights” into the Notes that are placed with their content.

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