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Material You refresh For Google Translate is released to more phones

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Google Translate is in need of a fresh color for a lengthy period. The current interface was launched some time ago, and still follows Google’s original design concept for Material Design from 2014. While Google Translate has finally received an overhaul that is based on the most recent Material You guidelines, it was only available to Pixel phones for a long time. This isn’t the case long, since gradually but steadily, Google has begun rolling out the updated application to phones that aren’t Pixels.

There are reports online that are beginning to surface saying that Material You redesign for the Google Translate app is starting to appear on more phones, and does not need Android 12. I managed to see it appear on an old Android 10 device, which further confirms that the rollout will be fairly broad. You will not see the Material You’s dynamic theme if you’re using the older OS version. It defaults to blue-colored colors instead of a color that is based on your wallpaper but the revamped hamburger menu-less layout, as well as all the other design elements, are present. It’s among the more radical changes that a Google application has seen in recent years and it’s absolutely beautiful.

If you’re interested in checking it out on your phone be sure that you have Google Translate app is fully up-to-date. This Material You design seems to be a part of an upgrade to the server since when I first downloaded the app to try this out, I received the old interface first. But closing the app is within the Recents menu and then opening it once more seems to be the answer. It is also possible to clear your cache in case it doesn’t work. If the new look isn’t showing up for you, keep it in mind for a couple of weeks we wouldn’t be too surprised by a delayed launch, particularly on older operating systems and phones.



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