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Google To Take Action Against Subscription Fraud On PlayStore

The Google app shop is used by billions of people, so the play store is also attractive for fraudsters. The meshes are different, one works by trying to force people into dubious subscriptions. Google is now taking action against this.

The search engine giant and Android operator has presented a series of measures to get such subscription rip-off under control. Because some apps try to get ignorant customers to subscribe as expensive as possible. Most of the time, the free trial phases are placed in the foreground, but are kept as secret as possible and hidden so that they become a paid subscription.

More transparency with subscriptions

Google has therefore announced that it will introduce several measures against this scam, which will apply from June 16, 2020. As of this day, developers are required to state exactly how much and what they are asking for money for. Customers will also receive emails from mid-June warning that free trials will be converted into paid subscriptions.

In addition, app developers are required to offer a transparent way of how to cancel them. The group describes what types of fraud are common in an entry on the subject of monetization and advertising:

  • Monthly subscriptions that don’t let users know that they’re automatically renewed and billed monthly.
  • Annual subscriptions, where pricing focuses on monthly costs.
  • Subscription prices and terms of use that are not fully localized.
  • In-app promotions where it is not clear that users can access the content without a subscription (if possible).
  • Item names for which the type of subscription is not apparent. This is the case, for example, when there is talk of a “free trial version”, although it incurs regular costs.