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Google Pixel 6a Launching Soon

We’ve learned about the Google Pixel 6a is coming soon and a recent leak suggests that it may be coming in the near future: production of the mid-range smartphone has been started, so it won’t take long before we are able to see it.

The source is well-known tipster Mukul Sharma who claims production has started in Asia and that a release is “imminent” according to a forecast that is in line with other rumors that we’ve heard about the Google Pixel 6a.

It is most probable that Google Pixel 6a will show up at the Google IO 2022 event, which begins on May 11. The event is intended to be an event for software, however, it has also been used to reveal new devices at times in the past.

Leaks from the past

Google Pixel 5a Google Pixel 5a had its official unveiling on the 17th of August in 2021, however, it appears like it will be released in the first quarter of this year. It is believed that the Pixel 5a was only launched in the US and Japan because of the current chip shortage that is affecting businesses across the globe.

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