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Google Voice is getting Material You design treatment

The search engine giant’s useful Google Voice service allows for online calling and messaging. The only requirements for using this Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) software are a Google account and a US phone number. Yet it wasn’t given top priority for an aesthetic makeover when the company unveiled its new Material You standards because it isn’t a fundamental Google application like Gmail or one of the Workspace apps. Finally, things are improving in that regard.

Google voice is been updated with Material You treatment

While Google Voice is accessible for Android, iPhone, and PC, the outgoing interface is noticeably lacking in the Material You theme and has a round keypad button, a simple bottom bar, and a search bar. 9to5 The most recent version of the app (v2023.03.20.518941070), according to Google, introduces dynamic theming, where interface elements take primary and secondary colors from your active wallpaper. This improves the UI’s overall coherence, especially when compared to similarly themed Google apps.

Google Voice is available for every software platform, including Android, iPhone, and desktop. The interface is designed like a round keypad button with a plain bottom bar, including a search bar. This design is pretty plain and appears to have no interface. As per information from 9to5Google, the latest update of the application has brought dynamic theming. This latest update will let different elements of the update adapt the colors and shades of your wallpaper. This makes a sense of relativity between Google apps with the same themes.

In the latest update, the shapes and appearance of buttons have changed completely into neat pill-shaped indicators in the bottom bar. The circular dialed pad button is replaced by a square floating action button (FAB). This new button will stay in its location even if you are scrolling through your call logs. The search bar inside the application has also been altered to be pill-shaped rather than rectangular.

While seeing the app’s widget, you can observe that the design is closely crafted for that part as well, adding rounded square selection indicators along with a dollop of dynamic theme on the top.

The latest version of the application is in the process of rolling out, but it’s not available on the Google Play Store for now. This latest feature will be available in the form of an update, but you can surely install the latest version of the application to skip this step. Along with that, Google has also updated its web with some new material, including recent updates to Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

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