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Google is progressing up to test AI tools in Gmail and Docs publicly


With the launch of ChatGPT, it immediately took over the internet due to its tremendous features, including the inclusion of artificial intelligence. With that storm, many other platforms, like Microsoft, geared them up with AI tools. Google was also active during that storm, as it immediately updated its AI game by relocating its resources along with the launch of its latest AI chatbot, Bard. As these updates have taken the internet by storm, we are really looking forward to their improved updates, including some nifty generative AI tools being introduced for Gmail and Docs, along with some experiments with public testing.

Google has assured the launch of AI-powered text generation last week, including productivity apps for its workspace, starting with Gmail and Docs. This tool will allow you to create your email draughts or lengthy documents in the form of Jiffy. These features are just being tested internally for now.

According to 9to5Google, this is now beginning to change as Google gradually opens public testing of its new AI technologies. Some personal and workspace users in the US are currently receiving invitations. Before they become available to everyone worldwide, users can choose to employ text-generating options as part of their Gmail and Documents experience once they sign up. Only a select few people have been invited to join Google’s trusted testers program because they will be required to provide input on new AI options when they are used.

In its March launch, the company showcased its AI tools in Documents and Gmail. You can specify your request to help the app construct the text based on your input using the “Help me write” prompt in Documents. The new AI features in Gmail may also be used to generate email draughts, answers, and even text summaries, such as meeting notes. We can only hope that these words produced by AI won’t be as hilariously awful as some of Bard’s responses.

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