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Google promotes third-party apps having tablet-optimized UI designs

Tablets are presented with a distinct UI compared to smartphones and other such devices. Since the last year, Google has been working on the development of tablet-optimized UI for various apps. In addition to this, the company is specifically focused on the marketing of third-party apps having tablet-optimized UI. Now, there are plenty of apps having UI optimized for tablets. The latest app to land in this category is TikTok. The app has just now received the landscape mode that can be best adopted on the tablet screen.

The folks at 9to5Google report that TikTok is presented with a landscape mode image on the banner on the Play Store app. The message indicated on this app states that users can now flip their tablets for using TikTok. Besides working on tablets, the app is also suitable for operating on foldable smartphones like Galaxy Z Fold 4. The UI of TikTok presented on tablets includes the comment section on the right side of the screen. On the other hand, the video occupies more than half of the screen’s area. Users can hide the comment section by tapping on the right-pointing arrow mark.

Reactions for the videos are presented on the right side of the video. Whereas the tabs like Following and For You appear right on the top of the videos. The recent UI for tablets is accompanied by a navigation rail on the left side of the screen. The navigation rail is displayed with four tabs that include Home, Friends, Inbox, and Profile. Besides all this information, one thing to notice here is that initially, Samsung collaborated with TikTok for the development of such a mode since the mode was initially displayed on the Galaxy Z Fold series.

Besides TikTok and other such apps, Google has also introduced various of its own apps optimized for tablet UI. These apps include YouTube, Google Keep, Google Docs, and Google Discover. It is anticipated that with time more and more apps with unique designs will be introduced to adjust well to the big screen on foldable phones and tablets.