AI projector pin by Humane is here to replace your smartphones

Technology is advancing with every passing day. In April, we learned about a wearable AI projector pin that works similarly to ChatGPT. This idea was presented by Imran Chaudhri, an ex-Apple employee. He is the cofounder of Humane and the company’s first product is an AI Pin. Back in April, Chaudhri shared the idea of an AI Pin at a TED Talk. As of now, the product is officially available.

It is a square-shaped device with a battery. It can be attached to the user’s clothes and other surfaces with the help of magnets. It is powered by a Snapdragon processor but there are no details about the exact chip. Besides this, the AI Pin comprises a touchpad, a built-in projector, and a camera. It accompanies a battery booster. Notably, the device weighs only 34g.

The camera of the AI Pin is capable of capturing 13MP images and videos. The camera will activate by tapping or dragging the touchpad. The “Trust Light” will illuminate when the device is turned on, alerting you and other people to the fact that data is being recorded, captured, or gathered. Interestingly, the AI Pin as the name indicates, comes with AI integration. It uses the powers of GPT-4 that can help users with AI language translation, audio messages, and more.

Another noteworthy feature is “catch me up.” It can summarize the meeting details in bullet points. The pin can automatically route inquiries to the appropriate tools via its operating system, Cosmos OS, saving you the trouble of downloading and managing apps. It is available for just $699. The price of Humane’s subscription is $24, which gives users access to a phone number and data provided by T-Mobile. Wired reports that the humane AI Pin can be pre-ordered starting November 16; however, shipping will begin early next year.

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