Google’s pre-installed QR-code scanner is not working for Pixel users

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Google has introduced a QR-code scanner for Pixel phones in the Android 13 update. This feature became ideal for users as it allowed them to quickly scan a restaurant’s menu or the nutrition value of a grocery item on their list. Although, after a recent update that was released back in May 2023, many users were facing issues regarding this pre-installed scanner.

Multiple users’ complained about the issue on the Google support forum and Reddit. As per the issue elaborated by these users, by tapping on the icon, they were able to open the scanner but failed to scan the code through the camera as it went blank and unresponsive. Furthermore, the issue was specifically addressed regarding the scanner app, as it was working well with other apps. This issue is specifically being faced by Pixel 5, Pixel 4a, and Pixel 4a 5G devices.

Along with that, the issue has continued to be troubling for users over the weeks, as they’re unable to get through it even if they restart the device or make changes in the settings. This issue is becoming much more frustrating due to this.

Google responded to the issue and applied fixes

Google has admitted the issue and is actively trying to remedy it. But if you experience the same problem, you can help with the solution by notifying the developers. To do this, launch the Settings application on your device, navigate to the About Phone section, select “Send feedback about this device,” and describe the problem there.

Additionally, users can apply a few workarounds to fix the flaw until Google provides a fix. Clearing the data from Google Play services is one of them, as is using Google Lens to read QR codes. This may be done by opening the Settings app on your Pixel, navigating to the Apps section, and selecting “See All Apps.” Then, select “Show System,” tap the three dots in the top right corner, and scroll down until you see Google Play Services. Go to the Storage menu now and select “Clear Data.”

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