Latest version of Google Drive app update makes makes the experience far better on foldable phones

Google Drive

Google has just optimized all its apps for large-screen gadgets with flexible screens and tablets. This enhances the user experience on our preferred Android tablets and has encouraged third-party developers to make their apps compatible with such tablets. Drag-and-drop capabilities were added to the company’s Workspace software suite in a November 2022 upgrade, greatly enhancing multitasking. A foldable-optimized update to the Drive app is now being released in advance of Google Pixel Fold’s arrival.

The Google Drive app will automatically reposition the many control choices within the preview viewer to a more convenient location based on the state of your foldable phone, which can be opened, closed, or partially open.

The Android version of Google Drive is now foldable-friendly

This layout optimization will greatly simplify browsing Google Drive documents if you use a device like the Galaxy Z Fold 4 or another folding device that resembles a book.

The addition of paginated mode as the default in Google Docs is a minor adjustment as well. For a “more cohesive visual design between web and mobile,” Docs will display documents with pages and page breaks when you access them. The only situation where this doesn’t apply is if the document is in page -less mode. The latter has several advantages; for more information, see our tutorial on using Google Docs’ page-less style.

Docs will display a toolbar at the top of the paginated view with all the necessary formatting and editing tools. According to Google, both updates began trickling out to Workspace account holders last week and will be finished in little more than 15 days.

The Google Play Books app recently received an update that added a new portrait dual-column view that works great on foldable devices. Expect additional Google apps to get foldable-optimized updates considering the upcoming Pixel Fold launch in order to address any quirks and annoyances on large-screen smartphones.

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