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GTA Online To Receive One Of The biggest Updates Soon

The Criminal Enterprises: Under this moniker, Rockstar is gearing up to deliver one of the biggest updates to GTA Online in recent years. From July 26, the career options of digital gangsters will be expanded considerably.

Just a little more criminal: The Criminal Enterprises DLC for GTA Online

Rockstar Games is just starting to join forces for GTA 6, but before that, you can still reap the benefits of the development work of the past few months. As the company communicates, the Criminal Enterprises expansion will be available as a free update to GTA Online on July 26. With tons of new missions, agent assignments, and all-new business opportunities for criminal careers, it’s one of the biggest updates in the past 9 years. Of course, Rockstar also gets its inspiration from real life.

For example, the south of San Andreas is hit by an economic crisis, gas prices are skyrocketing, retailers are at a standstill due to delayed delivery routes and there is also a heat wave. Good breeding ground for the story of gang bosses, bikers, nightclub owners, and gun smugglers.

Just a white-collar criminal

Office owners and executives will find the new NPC Lupe in their buildings and deliver missions related to special cargo. A delivery mission can also be completed once a day. The developers provide two more sources of valuable cargo that can be found in the purchasing missions.

Better cyclists

For motorcyclists, the possibilities in the motor tuning workshop have been expanded considerably. There are also two new missions on the wall in the clubhouse meeting room. Last but not least, providing your own bar opens up a new source of money.

arms smuggling

The weapon shop Ammu-Nation wants to be supplied with certain weapons once a day after the update. In addition, two new resupply missions invite you to rob two targets. “Players can call Agent 14 on the go to speed up their investigative progress by stealing information from a heavily armed target,” the developers said.

Is nightclub worth it?

There are still innovations for nightclub owners that can boost their legal business with two new missions. In the club itself, it is important to always keep the mood of the guests green. Last but not least, Yohan and Tony deliver themed missions.

“Operation: Incriminating Documents”

Don’t like crime? After the update, you can join the IAA investigators and act as agents against the oil tycoons in Los Santos, along with up to 4 players.

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