Gurman: In combination with the iPhone 15, Apple will release a USB-C AirPods Pro case

As per the information shared by Mark Gurman, the Cupertino-based tech firm Apple might unveil a USB-C charging case for AirPods Pro along with the release of the iPhone 15 series. The iPhone 15 series is expected to launch in Fall 2023. Gurman shared in his newsletter that it could be a result of a transfer from lightning to a USB-C port. The same is anticipated to feature on the iPhone 15 series.

Back in March 2023, another Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported that the company could introduce a 2nd gen AirPods Pro with a USB-C charging case in 2023. According to Kuo, it’s uncertain whether the AirPods Pro will receive any additional hardware updates in 2023. Neither Gurman’s report suggests so.

In the meantime, Apple is adding a new hearing test feature to the AirPods Pro on the software end. The feature is specifically designed to help with hearing issues. The new hearing feature will be introduced as part of iOS 17 which includes several other new features. The newly added function would “play a variety of tones and sounds that would enable AirPods to figure out how well an individual can hear,” according to the Bloomberg reporter.

In addition to this information, Mark Gurman once again repeated the rumors that the company will introduce advanced health sensors to the upcoming generations of AirPods. One of the features is said to be helpful with sensing body temperature via the ear canal. In contrast to the wrist method of measuring body temperature, the ear canal method is considered more accurate. Apple has previously introduced the wrist temperature sensing feature with Apple Watch Series 8 and Ultra models.

Furthermore, Gurman claims that Apple is looking into ways to improve the way AirPods are positioned as a hearing aid. The company is working to improve the current capabilities like Conversation Boost and Live Listen. Although neither feature has received regulatory approval yet. Last year, the FDA relaxed the requirements for buying hearing aids, which apparently inspired Apple to engage engineers from well-established hearing aid manufacturers and seize the market opportunity.

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