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Harman and Ferrari collaborate for road car as well as F1 cabin experiences

Besides many product unveilings at the CES 2023 event, some companies came forward with collaborative ideas for different segments of the industry. One such association was observed with Samsung and Harman. Both companies introduced the Ready Care solutions at CES 2023. Recently, the company Harman Automotive has confirmed the news about its partner brand. It is going to be Ferrari, the Italian supercar brand. So, in the future, we will see some Ferrari cars based on Ready Upgrade technology.

Ready Care solutions are basically a whole suite of in-car technologies. The latest partnership between Harman and Ferrari would introduce some of the amazing hardware as well as software in-car experiences with the vehicle lineup. The consumers will be presented with the choice to update as well as customize the features and services at any given time. These features will be presented in a similar fashion as that with a smartphone.

The integration of tech with automotive has brought up various challenges associated with the latest updates as well as security features. In contrast, Harman Ready Upgrade will provide users with frequent and effective in-car interface upgrades. It is specifically designed to enhance the life expectancy of vehicles. Additionally, it will also reduce the development cycle for car companies. Apart from the collaboration of Harman and Ferrari road vehicles another partnership In-Cabin Experience Team partner for Scuderia Ferrari was also announced by Harman.

Harman is going to be one of the exclusive partners for the Ferrari Formula 1 team. It is expected to begin in 2023. Beside this we have no exact details about the partnership between the two companies. Since there is no clarity whether Harman will play its part as a sponsor or deliver the tech to be utilized in Scuderia Ferrari’s In-Cabin Experience Team during the course of the 2023 Formula 1 season.

Furthermore, this partnership seems quite interesting. Benedetto Vigna, the CEO of Ferrari, stated that this partnership is based on two brands known for their excellence in their respective fields. We are all set to push across the boundaries of tech and innovation.