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The auto market will soon receive the Samsung flexible display and Harman Ready Care tech

Ready Care is a cutting-edge driver monitoring system. It is specifically designed to identify stress and distractedness. Thus, generate customized in-vehicle intrusions. Ready Care tech is based on cameras and sensors. The technology provides the driver with alternative routes that help in lowering the stress levels of the driver.

The advanced driver assistance solution was presented by Samsung and its subordinate Harman International during the CES 2023 event. Basically, the new automotive driver assistance solution is an updated version of the present Ready Care technology.

The updated version of the Ready Care solution is now equipped with the latest tech. It now utilizes neuroscience principles, Machine learning, and AI. It is capable of sensing drowsiness by examining the driver’s eyelids. Followed by this a red light flash is turned on the dashboard. This red signal is accompanied by a warning alarm.

As of now, Ready Care has not been launched in the market. Previously the idea was revealed during the Samsung Developer Conference in 2022. According to Harman International, the work on the Ready Care solution is in the final phases. Followed by this it will be introduced in the market.

According to some reports, Ready Care is all set to be publicized. The commercialization of the project is in the final stages since discussions and meetings with a leading carmaker are ongoing. However, the name of the carmaker company has not been revealed officially. According to an official of Samsung Electronics, if the deal is closed between the two companies, then we can anticipate that the tech will arrive at the commercialization stage. Well, we can expect it to arrive before the end of the following year. e

Besides the Ready Care solution, Samsung Display has come up with another tech for cars at CES 2023. It is reportedly the in-care display solution. Some of these solutions are built on flexible display technology. These flexible displays present various unique options for the users. Among those, one display can swap between curved and flat forms. Furthermore, it acts as a big entertainment screen during the self-sufficient driving mode.

In addition to this, a round 13.4-inch was also showcased by the tech giant. This display can reportedly fit in the in-care display solutions. Even with this display, the official name of the collaborating partner was not revealed. However, the company mentioned that the circular in-car display will be utilized in a forthcoming car.