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Here are some things we know about Snapdragon 1000

Snapdragon 1000

There are serious rumors in the market with Snapdragon 1000 giving the devices a boost in their performance. Qualcomm is working with Microsoft to get the Snapdragon chips into the Windows 10 laptops so expect that boost in the devices.

WinFuture did some digging to bring forth that the Snapdragon 1000 is going to use a relatively large 20mm x 15mm design, making space for more cores and draw a hefty 12W of power. The system-on-a-chip also looks to be using a motherboard socket rather than being directly soldered onto it, though this might only be for internal testing.

What all of this suggests is that there will be a significant boost in the power and versatility in comparison to the devices like Snapdragon 850. The Snapdragon 1000 chip is being constructed from the start with the aim to function for laptop devices rather than the smartphones.

The reference gadget Qualcomm is using to test out the Snapdragon 1000 is apparently running 16GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, which gives one a vague conception of the specs we’re talking about for laptops running the chip. It’s pretty much aimed to be going head-to-head against Intel’s Y and U series Core processors.

Most Qualcomm’s line up of processors don’t offer lightning speed performance for laptops, they do offer always-on connectivity (over LTE/4G) and very impressive battery life, for example like 20 hours, features that appeal to anyone working on the move.

How much the Snapdragon’s 1000 boosted specs are going to compromise those advantages remains to be seen – we still don’t know any of the key specs of the chip, even if it’s now looking more likely to be on the way. As yet there’s no indication of when Qualcomm might decide to unveil its technology.

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