Here is everything you need to know about Android P by Google

Android P by Google

Android P by Google is finally out and like many anticipated, it does not stand for peppermint, pancake or Pop rocks. The P in Android’s latest version stands for Pie. The Android 9.0 version will hit the audience really soon and if you use Pixel phones by any chance then the update is rolling out on your device starting today.

Non-Pixel devices will get the update in a few more months-even if you have the beta version running on your phone. As per the tech giant, the devices that were a part of the Android P by Google beta version –which includes Xiaomi, HMD Global, Oppo, Sony, Vivo, OnePlus and Essential-along with the qualifying Android One devices should be running the update by the end of fall season.

Google has also said that it is working with the manufacturers to give more people access to the new update and many plan to roll out the Android P on their devices before the end of the year. The new operating system highlights an iPhone X like swipe-based navigation system on your phone so that users can swipe up from anywhere to view the full-screen previews of the most recent apps.

Android P by Google tests out Al features for users

The OS also comes with AI applications, Adaptive Battery is worth mentioning here which can save you battery life by switching off applications when you use them the least.

A predictive app system tells the users what they want to do next on their device. For example, if you open Google Maps, every morning then it will start suggesting the action in the future.

Other features include the ability to track a user indoors using Wi-Fi RTT to within a meter or two. Other improvements include HEIC image support, which amounts to better compression for photos, and more storage for the user. Furthermore, it has an official dark theme. Now, Google will suggest when to use the dark theme that is less straining to the eyes.

Android P by Google is introducing a feature called Slices which means that the system will show you a “slice” of the relevant information from the apps which the system believes you need to view. Soon enough the tech giant will start rolling out digital wellbeing apps as well which it promised at Google I/O starting this fall. This includes a dashboard which shows the apps that take up most of your precious time and helps in setting a timer that will allow users to limit the time for each application.

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Image via Android Developers