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Here Is Something Interesting About Mozilla Firefox


You must be familiar with Firefox a famous web browser which is used by millions of people around the world.

The Firefox was developed in 2002 by Mozilla, according to W3 counter the Firefox is being used 6.1% all over the world after Chrome, Safari, IE& Edge. Chrome stands of 60.1% market share, Safari covers 12.7%, IE & Edge both cover 6.8% and Mozilla Firefox serves 6.1% of the market.

Since it has been a famous web browser but you may not know that the Firefox Logo doesn’t represent the Fox. This means the Fox you see on Firefox logo is not actually a Fox it is the Red Panda. The English name of Red Panda which is a Racoon like animal is “Firefox” it resembles Fox’s tail, ears, and a pointed mouth but it is a totally different animal than Fox.

Red Panda’s habitat is Eastern Himalayas and Southwestern China. The animal is on endangered species list and it is estimated that only 10 thousand of mature Red Pandas are remaining on the earth because of the loss of natural habitat.

Mozilla Firefox also seems to be endangered species in the IT world, there was a time when the Firefox was the second most popular browser after Internet Explorer about a decade ago but now its usage is fizzling out quickly. So remember that Firefox is not red fiery Fox that you might have been thinking for years, it is actually a Red Panda which is also called Firefox.

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