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Here is the UN Response to Priyanka Chopra’s Controversy for Supporting War

Priyanka Chopra

UN has responded to the Priyanka Chopra controversy for supporting the war. According to Stephane Dujarric, the spokesperson for Secretary-General Antonio Guterres when Unicef Goodwill Ambassadors “speak in their personal capacity, they retain the right to speak about issues that interest or concern them.”

Adding, “Their personal views or actions do not necessarily reflect those of Unicef.” However, he said, “When they speak on behalf of the Unicef, we expect them to adhere to Unicef’s evidence-based impartial positions.”

Defining their role he said, “The Unicef Goodwill Ambassadors are prominent individuals who have agreed to generously volunteer their time and their public profile to promote children’s rights.”

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But here is an important question. You have over 25m followers on Twitter and you tweet, “Jai Hind #IndianArmedForces,” followed by emojis of the Indian flag and Namaste at a time when India and Pakistan were on the verge of war.

Being a UNICEF Goodwill ambassador shouldn’t a person be more responsible in their personal capacity as well, keeping in mind that the personal capacity can influence over 25m followers.

There have been many online petitions that have started calling for her removal as the UNICEF ambassador. Also, Pakistan’s Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari wrote this week to Unicef Executive Director Henrietta Fore asking for her removal as the Goodwill ambassador. Mazari said that Chopra’s tweet displayed  “support for the war, including a nuclear war.”

Adding, “Unless she is removed immediately, the very idea of a Goodwill Ambassador for Peace becomes a mockery globally.”

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