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IKEA introduces in-store educational AR game about sea life

AR is becoming popular with every passing day. Reportedly, a well-known company IKEA has introduced a fresh experience for consumers. It is termed Lilla Äventyret. Basically, it is an AR game that educates about sea life. It is a new way for the company to interact with the user base. It has been introduced as a means of enjoyment for the whole family, says the marketing manager of IKEA.

To introduce the experience of Lilla Äventyret to consumers, the company has collaborated with Meta and Warpin. It utilizes an Instagram filter that enables the users to explore the parts of the store and learn facts regarding sea life. Besides this, users can capture photos of different sea creatures. The new experiences hold dual purposes. It is intended both for education as well as entertainment. The experiences are not halted by age restrictions. Adults and kids can learn about ocean-related concerns.

Unfortunately, the experience is only presented at select locations. It is particularly targeted at users in Sweden. Lilla Äventyret is presented at 21 different IKEA stores across the country. Just make sure that your smartphone has the Instagram app. In order to access the game, users are required to scan a QR code. The Instagram Filter will download. The filter can be turned on in the Instagram app. Followed by this they can roam the store and utilize the AR features at various sections of the store.

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