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Qualcomm CEO says that Apple could soon debut its 5G modem

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For a long time, the tech company Apple is working to design its own 5G modem chipset. If the company succeeds with its efforts, then it will substitute the ones it acquires from Qualcomm with the ones produced on its own. several speculations and assumptions have been followed by this news. Previously, it was speculated that the collaboration between Apple and Qualcomm will continue until iPhone 15.

Some recent information is coming directly from the Qualcomm CEO and President Cristiano Amon. During an interview at MWC 2023, the Qualcomm official noted that Apple will likely use its own modem in 2024. However, if Apple requires help from Qualcomm, they know where to find us.

Besides this, some reports even indicated that Qualcomm will be manufacturing modems for only 20% of Apple’s 2023 iPhone release. However, it later changed to be the “vast majority” of that range. It could be likely due to the reason that the company did not succeed in developing its own 5G modem at that time.

Back in 2019, the tech firm Apple bought Intel’s smartphone modem business. In addition to this, the company acquired a team of 2,200 engineers. Since then, the company is working out to build its own 5G chipset. Different 5G modem chips serve different purposes for different devices. Let’s say a chip for iPhone could help with better voice calls. Whereas a chip can help with data transfer speeds in an iPad.

Well, there seems to be a delay with the 5G modem plans. Lets us wait until or unless we come across some official pieces of information.