Honor is considering flip foldable, it won’t introduce one unless it has a unique selling point

Honor 60 Series

Magic V2 is the recently introduced foldable smartphone by Honor. It has several unique attributes like it measures only 10mm thick when folded. Moreover, it is a horizontal foldable smartphone. The company assumes that in the near future bar phones will lose their attractiveness in favor of foldable smartphones particularly in the premium category. Until now Honor has introduced three foldable smartphones. However, still it doesn’t have a flip smartphone in its catalog.

The company is considering introducing a flip smartphone but it doesn’t want to rush things. Honor intends to introduce a flip smartphone that stands out from all other offerings in this particular segment, just like the Magic V2.

Well, there is just this detail that has surfaced online besides this, we know nothing. The company has introduced several improvements to the hinge design on the V2. Similar improvements can be transferred to flip phones. In order to make the hinge both stronger and lighter, the Honor engineers developed a gearless unibody hinge mechanism with a titanium alloy cover that was 3D printed.

In addition to this, the company has conducted internal testing on the longevity of the hinge. However, the company believes that instead of ad campaigns, the practical experience of consumers regarding the durability of the hinge will be more effective.

Another form factor in this segment is the rollable phone concept. Honor come up with an intriguing point: although we’ve seen a few manufacturers demonstrate prototypes, they most likely don’t plan to produce a gadget for the general public. The idea is that because businesses don’t reveal the products they want to release, they will be far less eager to showcase them before they are ready.

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