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Honor V40 To Be Launched Officially On Jan 18

Honor V40 launch

Honor officially announced that the Honor V40 5G new product launch conference will be held on January 18, and slogan is “unseen before.” At that time, the Honor V40 5G mobile phone will be officially released.

In addition, the official also announced the first official poster for Honor V40. Like the previous exposure, the front of the new phone uses a large-curved hyperboloid screen with a double-punch front lens design in the upper left corner . The overall shape is similar to the Huawei Mate 40 series.

Previous news information display, Honor V40 will be powered by MediaTek is currently the strongest DNT 1000+ chip, standard HW-110600C0x charger , fast charge and a charge pump supports 66W 50W wireless fast charge. The Chronographic camera or matrix camera is continued on the back , and the rear four-camera solution is adopted.

The previously exposed Honor store test page showed that the source code of the page contains five suspected new product codes: “York, NobelD, BohrD, Locke, Kanon”. According to the news, York is the internal code name of the upcoming Honor V40, and NobelD, BohrD, Locke, and Kanon should be new products to be released together.

It is understood that before the new product launch conference, the Honor V40 will be officially launched on January 12, and the shopping and services related to the Honor brand will also be migrated to the new store.