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Horizon Zero Dawn To Hit Steam And Epic Games On August 7

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn finally has a PC release date. The former PS4 exclusive developed by Guerrilla Games will be available on Steam and Epic Game Store from August 7. Pre-orders are already open.

The Dutch studio Guerilla Games has just announced the release date of its flagship game on PC. This news began to spread on the web at the beginning of the year when a source affirmed that Horizon Zero Dawn would be one of the rare PS4 exclusives to be released on PC. Two months later, in March, Sony officially ported its action-RPG game to the platform. Since then, fans have been eagerly awaiting the announcement of the masterpiece’s arrival on Steam. It’s now done. Finally, the game will also be available on Epic Games Store to satisfy a larger number of players.

Horizon Zero Dawn PC includes “The Frozen Wilds” expansion and graphics improvements

Horizon Zero Dawn is not considered to be one of the best PS4 games of all time for nothing. It takes you on a breathtaking adventure through a post-apocalyptic world where mechanical creatures have taken over human civilization. In addition to the impressive graphics, the history and mechanics of the game are largely responsible for its worldwide success.

In addition, the PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn is not a simple port of the PS4 version. To be exact, the game is officially called Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition on Valve and Epic Games stores. It gives access to the extension ”  The Frozen Wilds  ” and other digital content, mainly outfits for heroin.

Whether you’ve already played the title on PS4 or not, prepare to experience beautiful surroundings. Graphics are improved for a sumptuous open-world experience with even more realistic reflections and foliage. The framerate is also unlocked to suit the preferences of all players and the ultra-large screens are compatible. A new trailer has also been published to celebrate the occasion. It details the new PC features. Horizon Zero Dawn is already available for pre-order on Steam and the Epic Games Store. The adventure is not about to end. Indeed, Guerrilla Games confirmed the existence of Horizon II Forbidden West during the official presentation of the PS5 last month.

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