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How to build a crisis-proof eCommerce business?

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The US and worldwide economies are on the verge of suffering from both recession and inflation. This situation may be scary for those entrepreneurs who already run or want to start a business.

Thankfully, there are ways to earn or maintain relevance, even in rough times like these days, including business planning and marketing strategies. This post will discuss some top tips you can implement to boost your website rank and create a successful business.

How to Create a Recession Fool-Proof Business?

1) Have a Business Plan

As obvious as this advice may sound, every business needs a plan. It’s not clever to immerse yourself in an investment or startup idea without a plan. Having a solid plan is crucial for any business. More and more entrepreneurs recognize the importance of such and partner with professionals like Page One Formula to build a strategic plan that works. It’s not clever to immerse yourself in an investment or startup idea without a proper plan of action.

To give you an idea, these are only a few questions you ought to ask yourself before starting a company:

  • Who is my target audience? What do they need that I can provide for them?
  • How many workers and departments do I need?
  • Will my company outsource services like IT or marketing?
  • Do we distribute products? If we do, what about the supply chain and logistics?
  • Will my company have a culture whose values my employees share?

2) Invest in Marketing

That includes SEO – Which stands for Search Engine Optimization, a marketing strategy that helps your website position among the first results in search engines like Google.

When users make a query with specific keywords, your company site will appear in the top results, which means more traffic, conversions, and thus revenue. It can help battle uncertain times, and it’s foolproof.

You should always assign part of your budget to the marketing department. Hype and consumer behavior are fundamental to growing a business and building customer loyalty. One top online promotion for e-commerce business strategy will be a game-changer.

3) Logistics is Key

As your new business grows, you will face more challenges you can’t deal with alone. That’s when you need one decent logistics department, especially if your company delivers packages.

These are three main tasks your logistics department will deal with on a daily basis:

  • Storing products
  • Packing and managing orders
  • Shipping, complaints, and mistakes

You can also choose to outsource to a logistics company expert like ecomhalo.com.

4) Implement Customer Feedback

Many customers will leave and even join your competitors. Instead of taking it personally, survey them or reflect on your own to find out what went wrong.

Work on improving your weakest points according to customers’ feedback. Maybe they don’t like the emails you send them, or perhaps the packages don’t quite arrive on time. Receive their critiques and use them to improve!

eCommerce SEO Optimization Tips to Implement Today

We strongly believe that eCommerce SEO is one of the best ways to boost your business. You can find study cases all over the Internet, proving that implementing keywords and building backlinks pay off.

SEO optimization can be tricky and technical, but here are three tips you can employ right after reading this post – They will make a difference.

  • Don’t use too many or few links. It’s best to use 1-3 links when you want to sell something or redirect people to other pages on your website. The more outgoing links the customer finds, the more confused and overwhelmed they will feel. That could cost you many conversions.
  • Learn to use keywords. That means avoiding overusing it, learning to place them in the right spots (usually the first paragraphs), learning how to research users’ queries and leverage them, etcetera.
  • Break down text and make it visual. People’s attention spans don’t extend for large periods of time, and users prefer visual infographics and videos to incorporate information into their memory. Regarding the writing, don’t make paragraphs too long, and ensure to write relevant information on the left – That’s where the human eyes look most!

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, besides having a strong business plan, SEO strategies and online promotion for e-commerce businesses are the best ways to build a crisis fool-proof company. It helps your firm stay afloat and build an audience within the niche.

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