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How To Create A Digital Travel Brochure

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For the past two years, we have all hunkered down and canceled plans left and right. Travel has taken a wayside to safety during the pandemic. As we all return to making travel plans for the summer of 2022, it is exciting to consider the possibilities. Whether flying internationally or hitting the open road, we are all eager to get out there and enjoy other cities, states, and countries. Travel literature is more important now than ever as travelers are more considerate of transportation, destination protocols and requirements, work-from-vacation accessibility, and supporting smaller economies. 

Travel brochures and other literature are not just for large corporations or major travel destinations. Nowadays, everyone from small B&Bs to mid-size hotels can create and distribute their brochures. Even though you might have a website, a social media account, or even local commercials or advertisements for your location, the best way to tie all of these aspects together is to create and design a fun and informative travel brochure. Travel is enjoyable and exciting and your brochure should reflect that. One easy way to make engaging literature is to create digital brochures from a PDF that you can upload to a digital publishing platform. In this article, we will discuss how to create a digital travel brochure that is stunning, informative, and accessible.

Entice the reader with beautiful images and video clips

Photographs and video clips are two of the most important media to include in your travel brochure. Visually, these rich-media tools will help the reader picture him or herself at your destination. With online catalog software, you can make the idea of your property or destination come to life by adding video clips and sound bites which will encourage imagination. Make sure the images and videos are high-resolution. This way you will entice and captivate your readers.

Consider the type of experience you are offering. Include pictures of the beautiful scenery but also of the fun time that couples and families can enjoy together. Showcase the broad appeal of the destination. Show off the property itself – whether it is a hotel or an AirBnB – and illustrate all of the wonderful amenities and experiences that your guests can enjoy during their stay. The best type of photography and video will impart to the reader the sense of what the vacation will offer – be it cozy vibes, fun family adventure, or a wild and energetic undertaking. 

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s true but a digital travel brochure is more than images and video. The right descriptions will work alongside the stunning imagery to paint a picture for your readers that evoke the sights, sounds, smells, and feel of visiting your location. With a digital publishing platform, you can include HTML popups that enable you to work in extra information and exciting tidbits about the destination. This will work as well to increase engagement with your content. 

Make it a resource tool

Another great way to utilize a digital publishing platform for your digital travel brochure is to develop it into a must-have resource tool. Because digital editions are available on any device from computers to smartphones, your digital travel brochure will be able to be accessed anytime, anywhere. Include external links that link to sites that provide more information about the area where you are located. Build a map that marks popular destinations in relation to your property so that visitors are aware of other things to do in the area. With a publishing platform, you can utilize navigational elements like bookmarks, a pull-out table of contents, and more to showcase this information.

Within the travel brochure, include current and up-to-date reviews of the resort, hotel, or vacation destination. Reviews are a great resource tool for potential visitors, as that is another way they can understand the type of experience the reader can expect. The wonderful use of a digital publishing platform is that you can make instant updates to your digital content. You can always replace old pages with new ones that have the newest reviews and lists of things to do. In that way, your digital travel brochure will be indispensable to your readers. 

Tie it all together

We talked about using crisp, clear, beautiful images and utilizing the digital publishing platform tools to create an excellent resource for your digital travel brochure. But how exactly do you make a digital brochure? First, design a multi-page edition that looks like a high-gloss magazine or a polished digital flip catalog. Entice the reader from the front cover with a photo that showcases your travel destination. Choose bold fonts that are easy to read and make your logo visible.

Within the digital edition, place a page with a table of contents containing internal links to each section of your travel brochure. For the descriptive copy, make sure to be detailed but succinct. Discuss key features or amenities so the reader knows what the best-selling points are and move on to the next section. With a digital publishing platform, you can label your sections as well, with bookmarks or tabs, so that readers can easily navigate to the content they want to see. 

Share your brochure

You have chosen the best images and videos to convey the look and feel of your vacation spot. You have curated a list of local hotspots. You have showcased the beautiful location and amenities. You have written a descriptive copy that inspires the reader. Now it is time to take a final look at your content, then share it with the world. 

For this final look, have friends, coworkers, or family members check out your digital travel brochure. With a digital publishing platform, you can instantly make any changes necessary based on feedback before you make your brochure live. Once it is ready, share your brochure with the world! A good way to start is by posting it on social media, such as Facebook or Twitter. You can also share the link as part of your email signature. 

Get started We are all eager to get back to traveling. In this article, you have learned all that you need to create a beautiful digital travel brochure. No matter what type of travel destination you are, the travel brochure is a key piece of marketing that you cannot miss out on creating. Start designing and creating your digital travel brochure today and take your content to the next level!