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How To Find Competitors Backlinks And Use Them To Your Advantage?

find competitors backlinks

Have you got tired of generating backlinks without any success in the rankings? You can fix this problem if you find competitor’s backlinks and use to your advantage.

You have done all SEO techniques and tricks. However, your website is still lagging behind in search engines rankings. This means you have to change your strategy. Search algorithms evolve and modify on daily basis which makes it difficult to keep up with them.

Keeping a pace with search engine optimization is a real change for all companies and individuals. They should have a thorough knowledge of tags, keywords, backlinks and content creation. You can boost your search engine rankings by building backlinks of your site. In this post, we have discussed the process of replication your competitors’ backlinks:

Importance of Building Backlinks

Google and other search engines use number of key metrics for ranking any website and backlinks are one of them. Search algorithms of Google are proprietary, but still some of their information is publically accessible. Authority of the website has a major impact over its search engine rankings. In reality, it is a measurement of value of any web page. So when a well renowned website is using backlinks to your site, it is a kind of endorsement. When you have good quality backlinks, search engines assume that your web page has credibility.

SEO giant MOZ regards all those links of high-quality which happen organically. For example editorial links – when a publication or authority website uses your content and backlink it to your website. This kind really helps in search rankings. But, your own backlinks are also really effective if you do them in proper way.

Analyze Competitors’ Backlinks

One of the best ways to build backlinks is to legally steal them from your competitors. The word steal may not go well with you but it does not mean any foul play. Instead, it is a way of describing to find new opportunities for your backlinks. In this, you will analyze how your competitors are doing their backlinks and you will utilize the data you find.

For analyzing backlinks, first you have to make a search for a keyword. You have to write down URLs of the top ten websites which will appear in response to your search. You can analyze backlinks by using number of free/paid tools available online like Mondovo, Spyglass etc. Now visit these websites and observe their backlinks so you can work on a page of your own.

Evaluate Broken Links

Now take your backlinks to next level and find out broken links. You can complete this task with the help of backlink report you have created earlier. Your competitors’ broken links give you a golden chance. After getting the list of broken links, you can replace their content with your content.

You need a tool for performing this task. One of the best is the WayBack Machine which stores archives of pages. There are number of reason which can lead to broken links. For example your competitor has moved the content or changed the URL which can lead to a broken link. Regardless of the reason, it will prove beneficial for your backlink strategy.

Use Google Alerts

Another way to replicate competitors’ backlinks is to monitor references of their pages online by using Google Alerts. Go to Google Alerts and you will find a search box at the top of the page. Here, you can enter the name of company, keyword or a product name.

Google will make a search for it and every time your entered name is mentioned, it will send you an email. You have to visit that site and analyze if this gives you an opportunity to grab a new backlink.

You have to keep in mind that not every backlink redirects to an article or post.

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