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How to Switch WordPress to New Domain without Losing Data?

Switch WordPress to New Domain

There can be several reasons for switch wordpress to new domain. For example you have a branded domain but want a personal domain for your business or vice versa. May be your present domain does not depict your brand. You can easily transfer your WordPress site from one domain to another. Here are essential steps to follow:

Backup Databases

For effectively transferring your WordPress site, you have to create a backup of your database on the old domain. However, this process will not automatically backup your widgets, plugins, themes etc. You have to do it separately.

The best plugin is BackupBuddy and you can use it on regular basis for backing up your site. Save a copy of this backup locally, one on the cloud and the third on AOL floppy disk.


Export & Import Content

Next you have to export pages and posts from the old domain. For doing this process, login to admin panel of your WordPress site, go to Tools and then click on Export. You have to select ”all content” for safely exporting data.

Now go to Tools in the new WordPress install and then click on Import. By this way, you can import all the data from your old domain.

Use FTP to Migrate Uploads/WP Content

Now you have to transfer all of your WordPress uploads folder from old domain to new domain by using FTP. All of your images and files you upload through the WordPress interface are saved in this folder. For doing it, use a FTP program to login to your website’s FTP. Go to the root folder and copy the folder onto PC. Now you can transfer this folder to new domain.


Reinstall and Configure Theme

This step can also be performed by using BackupBuddy. You have to manually do this process by opening both old and new installs and then copy/paste HEX values. Some WordPress themes also come with built-in export options which make the process easy.

Backup and Configure Plugins

Like themes, you have to reinstall plugins onto your new domain. These will not transfer with the database backup. You have to search and find all the plugins and then reinstall them. After this, you need to configure them. Open new and old domains at the same time so you can go through all settings without hassle.

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Configure Widgets

Your new domain will not have either of your footer or sidebar widgets. So you have to replace links manually from your old domain images, files and pages. Go to your WordPress old install’s panel, then go to Appearance and click on widgets. Now, you have to copy/pastel all of your text widgets manually.

Replace Domain Name

Now use Search and Replace plugin for transferring all of your site’s links from the old domain to new domain. You can search and replace the old domain name with the new one. As this process directly works on your database, it is essential to make a backup before starting it.

Update Email List

You have to update many features in your site’s email list provider. You need to update names of these lists. Also you have to update old email addresses or brand names mentioned in previous emails.

XML Sitemap

As you know search engines are essential aspect of your digital marketing strategy. So let them know that your domain has been transferred and where your content is. For this purpose, you have to create an XML sitemap for submitting it on Google. You need Google Sitemap XML plugin for performing this step.


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