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Twitter Employees Were Told To Leave Rented Offices In Singapore

Twitter board of directors

The recent history of Twitter is enriched by a curious story: the recently imposed ban on working from home cannot be implemented in part because there is a lack of a budget for paying rent in offices. The situation arose in Singapore, where Twitter’s Asia Pacific headquarters are located. According to the instructions of the new owner Elon Musk, all employees there also had to move back to the regular offices from the home office. According to a report by the US news agency Bloomberg, they were thrown out of the house on Wednesday.

According to the report, the local landlord instructed the company’s employees to pack everything up by the end of the regular day shift at 5 p.m. due to the lack of rent payments. Helpers from the homeowner guided the Twitter workers then in front of the door. As long as the management does not procure new rooms, the employees should have no choice but to do their job from home.

Not an isolated case

This is particularly spicy because Musk recently didn’t just announce the end of the home office period. He explained in his choleric way that if an employee does not spend his full working hours in an official company office, he will definitely be dismissed.

However, if the top management installed by him is not even able to ensure that the offices in question are available at all, the superiors will probably have trouble explaining themselves. An official statement from Musk on this can not be found on his own Twitter account.

However, the new group owner should deal with the topic, since Singapore is by no means an exception. In California, too, there is already a dispute with landlords because the company has not paid rent on Musk’s instructions.

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